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Historic dance performance at KaliCollection's open house

I'm just now posting pictures from these pre-Covid performances. We had the honour of being invited to perform for KaliCollection's grand opening. KaliCollection a vintage clothing and costume rental company. They mostly provide clothing for the film industry in Atlanta. The wonderful owners have been collecting and selling vintage clothes for many years and this warehouse was a dream of theirs.

They specifically requested performances of 1920s and Regency era dance. The Swing dancers decided to perform both 1920s and 1940s dance with a costume change in between. Each dancer was responsible for providing their own outfit and each person incorporated vintage pieces into their look. The Swing dancers are Chelsea and Robert Barbier, Sarah Kobus and Navar Gonzolez. The Regency dancers are Marie Walker, Alan Gordon and Vadim Radinsky.

In between performances we got the opportunity to wander through the wonderful maze of clothing and accessories. There was a beautiful blue 1870s dress that Marie and I were coveting. It's always a joy to perform amongst kindred spirits and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

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