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Georgian picnic during the Pandemic

My dance partner, Chris Wilson, and I we're discussing a Zoom meeting with our dancers. It has been very difficult dealing with daily life and we missed socializing and dancing with our friends. I suggested to Chris that we put together a socially distanced, Georgian picnic. Everyone would bring their own food and drink, no sharing, and we would catch up on what everyone has been up to since March. We decided to meet at the historic complex, next to the Mary Gay House, in Decatur, Georgia.

When I arrived it was drizzling and I was worried that our picnic was going to be rained out. Fortunately, the sun came out and we had beautiful weather the rest of the day. It was fantastic to get dressed up and see people again. I was very pleased to hear that everyone is healthy and doing okay during this very stressful time. Thanks for reading everyone. Be safe.

Side note: the two ladies sitting together on the blanket have basically been in quarantine together.

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