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Dressing for a Regency ball

I was preparing for the Jane Austen Ball in Louisville, Ky. and I thought I would share a little something about the grand process of dressing. My underpinnings consisted of a Regency shift, vintage petticoat, stockings with garters and leather ballet flats. I didn't have time to make proper stays to I just struggled along with a strapless bra, folding and pinned so it wouldn't pop out. Pins are used for securing the gown closed so it was still kind of a period technique. I drove to the venue in my underpinnings and popped on my silk dress in the parking lot. I'm an excellent parking lot dresser!

I used a southern belle hair piece, from the costume shop, and pinned it on my head sideways. I then pulled the curls down to frame my face and pinned them into place. One pin straight up through the bottom of the curl and one pin sideways to secure the pin in place. If you look at the side view of my head, you can see the hair piece on the top. The hair braided into the bun is all mine. Two complimentary colored feathers were pinned to the side of my antique, steel cut comb and then pinned into a gentle curve. The ensemble was topped off with long cotton gloves and a vintage hand fan.

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